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13/06/18 Downtime 5 @ Cafe Cairo Downtime-05-C-01.jpg
The next Downtime at Cafe Cairo will be Sun Jun 17th - 6-11.30pm. This replaces the Orchid-Star 'Merge' launch party which has now been postponed to July 15th

25/05/18 Ecstatic - Kundalini Yoga Mantras Ecstatic-sq375.jpg
My second album with Kwali Kumara - Ecastatic - is out now digitally and on CD

25/05/18 Terra Nine - Laniakea Terra Nine Laniakea.jpg
The new EP from Terra Nine - Laniakea, which I mastered is released today

1/05/18 Nathassia - Is Everybody Searching is-everybody-searching-rel-date-1024.jpg
Is Everybody Searching, the first single of Nathassia's new (me-produced) album Devine Sunrise is out now

29/04/18 Orchid-Star will be at Whirl-Y-Fayre 2018 w-y-f-264.jpg
Orchid-Star will be playing at this year's Whirl-Y-Fayre 2018
Friday Aug 17th. 7pm
Info: here

24/04/18 Downtime 4 @ Cafe Cairo Downtime-04-01-500.jpg
This Sunday - Apr 29th 6-11.30pm we are running our 4th free chillout at the best little venue in London Cafe Cairo

22/04/18 Kadialy Kouyate - Namenala Kadialy-Kouyate-Namenala.jpg
new single from Kadialy Kouyate - Namenala - mixed and mastered by me, out now (iTunes)

12/04/18 Orchid-Star will be at Sunrise Celebration sunrise18-264.jpg
We're very happy to announce we will be playing for our favourite crew on the Cat's Cradle Stage at this Year's Sunrise Celebration on the Sunday night - Aug. 19th
info here

21/02/18 Downtime 3 @ Cafe Cairo Downtime-03-01.jpg
Our special guest at the 3rd Downtime, this Sunday, Feb 25th, will be Nathassia performing a few tracks from her the forthcoming album Devine Sunrise

7/01/18 Kadialy Kouyate - Kay Nu Fecha Kadialy-Kouyate-Kay-Nu-Fecha.jpg
new single from Kadialy Kouyate - Kay Nu Fecha - mixed and mastered by me, out now (iTunes)

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